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Client Rights 

As an individual receiving mental health services, you are entitled to certain rights as an integral part of the healing process. 

1.       The client has the right to be treated with dignity, consideration and respect and free from exploitation by any employee.

2.       The client has the right to participate in the formulation of his/her treatment plan, the right to information concerning treatment including alternatives, and the right to request re-evaluation of treatment. 

3.       The client has the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law after being informed of the consequences of this action. 

4.       The client has the right to have his/her records treated in a confidential manner except where the laws require disclosure. 

5.       Clients have the right to read their records if requested.  A professional staff member will be present to interpret and answer questions. 

6.       Clients have the right of self-referral.  An individual does not have to be referred to the Center by another agency or person. 

7.       A single assessment interview with an individual 16 or 17 years old is possible without parental/guardian consent and without cost. 

8.       The client has the right to request an explanation of charges and examine his/her bill, as well as request a re-evaluation, if there is a change in his/her financial status. 

9.       If a client feels any of his/her rights have been violated or has a request/complaint about the Center, it is his/her right to report the violation and to express the request/complaint. 

10.     The client has a right to make a complaint/comments or express their beliefs without fear of losing services or negative reaction from staff.